Gordon Ramsay Cuts Finger on 'Ellen' But Doesn't Yell at Himself

I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often when there is a chef giving a cooking demo on a talk show. Gordon Ramsay was chopping food on 'Ellen' and actually cut his finger. The moment a guest on my talk show cuts his finger, that's when we stop taping, clean up the area, give him a Band-Aid and a glove and have him start the demonstration over. Even then I'd hesitate in eating it.

I once cut my finger slicing linguica on a slicer and had to go to the emergency room. Don't worry if you ate pizza at Valentino's in the mid-'80s, I threw it out.

Can you imagine if one of the contestants on 'Hell's Kitchen' had cut his finger during a challenge or during dinner service? You can imagine what Ramsay would say: "Oh, bollocks! What is wrong with you? What a donkey? Get the f**k out of my kitchen! Close it down!"

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