'Next Food Network Star' Recap: Dumped like a truck Season 6, Episode 5

The logical progression of eliminations continued this week on The Next Food Network Star, confirming my underlying belief that the no-nonsense selection committee of Susie Fogelson, Bob Tuschman, and Bobby Flay actually has its eye on, well, finding the next Food Network star, not just keeping contestants around to fulfill pre-determined roles as sweetheart, Bitch, œfunny guy, dude with simmering rage issues, and chef so smarmy you'd want to douse his concoctions in Purell before eating.

Oh yes, speaking of Paul Hell-oooo, lay-dees! The guy who stood not even a guppy's chance in a piranha's tank of scoring a Food Network deal finally got booted this week, and not just because he (gasp!) used gardenaire sauce from a jar, but also because he decided it would be a good idea to hurl sarcastic retorts at Bobby just moments before the judges decided which contestant to eliminate. Indeed, when Booby questioned Paul's new point of view - blue-collar dollar - by pointedly asking What am I gonna eat?, Paul channeled his inner seventh grader and snapped back, Food, Bobby. I was surprised he didn't follow up by rolling his eyes and sending an I'm so over it! text to his BFF.

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