Backstage Interview with Ashleigh and Ryan DiLello of 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Ashleigh and Ryan's dance together at the final So You Think You Can Dance performance show was the highlight of the season for me, and my favorite reality television moment this year.

When they're with other partners, they may not have been America's favorite dancers. Ryan is more reserved than most of his fellow dancers. Even though he's from Utah he hearkens back to iconic characteristics of Russian ballroom dancers. Ashleigh sparkles, but in a classy, refined way that's less TV friendly than Mollee's girlishness.

I still defy anyone not to get a lump in their throat watching them when they danced together on So You Think You Can Dance. They played, they mimicked each other, they touched each other softly, and at the end they cried together.

When I spoke to them backstage after the finale they finished each other's sentences, and she beamed while he told me the story of how they met. We got into dance styles and great dancers that they admire, and they clearly study their craft with the obsession of someone who has truly found an art form that's as natural to them as breathing. They're not America's favorite dancers, but they're mine.

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