V Episode 2: "There Is No Normal Anymore" - Recap

On this week's V, Erica and Father Jack are torn over who they can...and cannot trust.

9 minutes in...

Well, we're off and running. And for Erica and Father Jack, they're literally off and running. When the Vs send a ground crew to clean up the mess (i.e., dead bodies in the warehouse), Erica makes an "anonymous" call from a nearby payphone to the police. Only problem is...the call was being traced by the V's. The next thing Erica and Father Jack know, a blue orb is hot on their tail. Now, I'm sure a flying blue orb is terrifying on whatever planet the Vs come from, but they were clearly unaware that Erica was the star hitter on her college softball team here on earth. One solid swing later, Erica obliterates the orb with a homerun hit. The incident is just another reminder that neither she nor Father Jack can trust anyone.

When Erica gets home, Tyler is nowhere to be found. Of course he's not. He's out having a great time with his new friends. A noise, however, startles Erica. An intruder? Did someone follow her home? She grabs a baseball bat (one of the producers must be a baseball fan) and nearly takes the culprits head off. Luckily, it's just Tyler. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to see her swing away. THAT would have made an even better episode. Anyway, Erica tells him that she wants him to stop having any contact with the Vs and he surprisingly says OK. But we all know it's a big fat lie. His hormones ARE flying through the roof for crying out loud. There's no way he's not seeing Lisa - the beautiful V ambassador - again. And our suspicions are quickly confirmed when he takes his new V suit out of his backpack and hides it under his bed mattress. As if mothers NEVER check under the mattress. This kid has so much to learn.

Back at the Church, Father Travis - whom I'm almost POSITIVE is a Visitor - tells Jack the police are looking for him regarding the guy who came in and died on their nice clean tile floor the night before. Nothing seems to phase this guy (Father Travis) by the way. He's still talking about all these souls they can save now with the Vs in their lives. JUST PEEL YOUR SKIN OFF ALREADY! Oh, and it seems the US is about to establish diplomatic relations with the visitors giving them free movement within the US borders. Our neighbors to the north and south must be peeved.

Back at the Nichols household, Ryan has managed to hide the two-foot gauge in his arm from his unsuspecting fiancé. Now I'm no doctor, but that thing needs about a quart of ointment and a couple of shots. I'm just saying. But the questions are: Will it heal? Is it like human skin? Does he need to go get some work done? Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Chad Decker is fighting with his conscience about the whole interview thing with Anna. I would never pretend to know what goes through a journalists mind, but my guess is that most would be juuuuusssst fine with their first big interview. I mean 80 million people watched for crying out loud. And do journalists have a conscience? Just kidding. There is apparently one...Chad Decker.

Back on starship V, Anna is going through a closet that every woman on this planet would die for. Maybe that's the next step in getting human followers. Show the women of the world what their closets could look like if they just accept the Visitors into their lives. Is this part of the technology they promised to share?

22 minutes in...

Erica walks in to the FBI office and it's obvious she trusts no one and with the ugly stares she's getting, why should she? That, however, was just the beginning. She's immediately pulled into a debriefing of sorts regarding the disappearance of her partner Dale. It turns into something more like the grand inquisition though, but the ultimate game of cat and mouse is now on. And Erica seems to be holding her own.

Meanwhile, Father Jack is visited by an agent from the FBI - err - the Visitor Assessment Joint Task Force. Not very catchy, but hey...neither was "the Vs." I digress. The FBI agent asks about the bloody dead guy who visited him the night before and Father Jack, not missing a beat, nicely avoids directly answering any of the questions. The bad news is it seems our two main heroes are already getting squeezed. The good news is they're excellent liars.

There's a break in the case! Dale's car is found outside the warehouse. Yes, the same warehouse where the Vs killed everyone and Erica and Father Jack barely escaped. When she gets on scene, Erica quickly searches Dale's car and retrieves her badge and gun to avoid giving herself and/or her alibi away.

Meanwhile Anna is thanking the world - namely a number of countries - for already letting them freely move about their countries. And she hopes the US, India and Russia will soon follow suit. I have to say, they move pretty fast these aliens. Crazy.

Back at the Ryan Nichols household, his fiancé apologizes to him and gives back his ring she found when she thought he was cheating on her. She wants him to give it to her when he's ready.

Tyler, meanwhile, has flat out deceived his mother and taken his best pal Brandon to see Lisa about getting him a Peace Ambassador job. Yeah, because THAT sounds like a good idea. Do they let just anybody join? Don't they look at references? Or check to see if they've held any prior alien liaison responsibilities? Anything?

Speaking of alien liaisons, the Vs apparently don't have one. No, they cut out the middle man and go straight to the torturer. And I have to admit, the psychological torture chamber was pretty cool. Probably not so cool for the guy they caught at the "secret meeting." The cyber snakes didn't look too friendly. But with all of that technology, how come the Vs haven't made a camera that can get a good shot of Erica, Father Jack and a couple of the other conspirators? The alien Polaroid just isn't working. Maybe they could just go to CNN and check out some of the iReports.

33 minutes in...

Ryan Nichols heads to a gas station to meet up with his "old friend." Apparently they're having a special at the shop today: Get your oil changed and your human tissue mended for only $19.99. But Angelo - the man who owns the garage - doesn't seem to want to be disturbed at the moment. Especially by Ryan, whom he apparently knows from some time in the past. Another V? Human resistance?

And just when you thought the priest was going to do the right thing and lie, he turns around backstabs Erica by going to the FBI and telling the truth. Erica, of course, is upset. I still think there's a shot between the two though.

Then we catch up with Brandon and Tyler. Brandon has gotten his ambassador job and is passing out flyers with Tyler amidst a mob of V protestors. Lisa seems pleased. Predictably, she and Tyler begin to flirt with Tyler pulling out his best A game. But just when it seems he's got her in the palm of his hand, a protestor tries to start a fight. And Tyler, being the great ambassador that he is, promptly punches the guy in the face. It impresses his buddy Brandon, but it didn't impress Lisa. At least he's got a picture of her on his phone now. Although I think that's going to come back and haunt him later.

Back at the mechanics garage, Ryan gets this crazy flu shot thing from Angelo that starts mending his human flesh almost instantly. Pretty cool...but that shot must have been a double dose because Ryan starts feeling a little woozy. Awww man, Angelo done drugged him up!

Back at the FBI office, Erica's boss starts giving her the third degree again. He doesn't trust her. He thinks she's lying about Dale's whereabouts. For good reason too. He plays her a recording of the 911 call she made on the payphone outside the warehouse. The obvious questions are: How did he get it? Who gave it to him? Is he one of them? And where did he buy that leather couch? I like.

42 minutes in...

Erica admits to her boss that she WAS at the warehouse, but she was only there because she followed Dale there. She goes on to explain that she's suspicious he was a part of a terrorist group. So, in essence, she tells half the truth and half a lie. But seriously, who's counting at this point? She eventually convinces her boss that she can prove Dale's involvement in the terrorist group, but he needs to give her more time. Reluctantly, he agrees. Oh, and it seems that the DEA had the whole area surrounding the warehouse bugged. They're the ones that gave him the recording. So, for now, the boss is off the hook for being a possible bad guy. But it does raise questions about how deep the Visitors' hold goes. Sounds like they have the DEA in their pocket.

Meanwhile, Chad Decker gives Anna the ultimate verbal slap. He conducts a panel interview with people who are skeptical of the Visitors. Anna, of course, sees the program and is less than pleased. My guess is that Chad is going to be next person laid on the white alien table with imaginary snakes crawling all over his body.

In the meantime, Erica visits Father Jack at his church. It's notable to point out that there are a bunch of boxes lying around. Looks like he's heading home or away for a while. Seeing this, Erica begs him to stay and help her. She tells him that he's the only one she trusts. Father Jack, however, doesn't want any part of it. No apparently DOES mean no.

Shortly thereafter, Erica meets with Dale's wife. She provides her with a phone bill that shows he made a lot of calls to one particular number. It's probably the V Customer Service line (I hear they have 100% customer satisfaction). Either way, Dale's wife seems eager to help. I'll scratch her off my V watch list. For now.

Back at the car and alien repair shop, Ryan wakes up from his drug-induced sleep. Surprisingly, he's all alone. NOT surprisingly, he gets the heck out of there.

50 minutes in...

Erica takes Dale's phone bill to her boss and convinces him that Dale is in fact a terrorist.

Ryan, meanwhile, comes home to an empty house. Strange considering his fiance-to-be said she had the day off. He's immediately suspicious. And right on cue, Ryan gets a phone call from his old pal Angelo - Dr. Feel Good himself. Angelo tells Ryan to stay away from his fiancé-to-be if he really does love her. Ryan already knows, but he asks Angelo if he has his fiancé. Angelo only tells him that if it was easy for HIM to get to her, imagine how easy it will be for the Vs to get to her. AND what they'll do to her. Ryan has a big choice to make. He's going to have to leave her is my guess.

The V Ambassador Council has a big choice to make as well. Lisa explains to Tyler that they are thinking about kicking him out of the Ambassador Club after his little scuffle with a protester. She also tells him that she's in big trouble too because she recommended him. Now, did I not just say it earlier - you need to check references people! Anyway, Tyler isn't happy about it. Even worse, his date with Lisa now seems to be off.

We finish the segment off with a turning of the tide. Mr. Decker explains that his little show in fact HELPED the Vs. Due to his instant mega popularity he is able to sway public opinion at will. So the next time they want HIS help to get a message out, it will be on his terms...not theirs. Even better, he walks off with a cheesy smile. I kind of like the idea that he's being sleazy, but at the same time he's sticking it in the Visitors' craw. All without knowing they're really, really bad. Juicy.

59 minutes in...

Well, the Visitors and the US have agreed to diplomatic ties. What does it mean you ask? It means that an unspecified number of Visitors will get visas. Foreign workers and exchange students everywhere are letting out a resounding sigh. But at least someone's happy - that someone being Anna who decides to give Mr. Decker a call to thank him for his help. But when Chad tries to respond, she hangs up. Oh the drama. I bet he's second-guessing that whole "I'm in charge now" speech he gave her earlier.

Having what seems to be a change of heart, we see Father Jack waiting for Erica outside the FBI building. He tells her in not so many words that he's back in. The whole US - V diplomacy thing really scared the living you-know-what out of him. Erica then pulls a list from her bag and says she stole it from the Task Force. It's a list of everyone who has ever contacted the task force regarding aliens. Apparently it's like a golden list of people they can recruit to help their cause against the Vs.

Ryan, meanwhile, shows off his healing scar to his fiancé-to-be. All seems good there. But an upside down picture across the room catches her eye. Strange she thinks. She gets up to turn it back over when a card falls out of the bottom. The card has a name on it: Cyrus. Ryan explains to her that it's some guy he used to know and she immediately lets him off the hook. Now, for the record, my girlfriend would kill me if some card fell out of the back of a picture with some name and number on it. And no kiss on the neck is going to make her forget about it either. Maybe if I was Morris Chestnut it would. But alas, I am not.

Over at the Evans' household, Erica walks into Tyler's bedroom and tells him she's proud of him for keeping his promise of staying away from the Vs. He doesn't say much. He just smiles. After she leaves, Tyler looks at the picture Lisa took of herself on his phone. He's clearly infatuated with her. I fear he's about to cross the creepy line soon.

Downstairs, Erica is shredding a picture of Dale. She finds herself in deep thought when we're shown an image of Dale waking up on a cold alien table - his head wound fairly healed. He looks somewhat in shock with is eyes wide open. The only thing missing was the line, "I'm baaaaack."

Episode ends.

Parting shots...

Overall, I thought it was another decent episode. Not as good as the first, but not bad.

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