Recap Angel: Season 4, Episode 10 - Awakening

In an attempt to locate the Beast and restore the sun to Los Angeles, Wesley brings in a dark mystic, named Wo-Pang, to extract Angel’s soul and release the evil Angelus who apparently knew the Beast centuries before and who may know how to kill it. The gang build a large cage in the basement where they tie Angel down and Wo-Pang creates an illusion reality. In it: Wo-Pang betrays the gang, and a vision from Cordelia shows the location of a sword that can kill the Beast. Angel, Cordelia, Connor and Wesley venture to a subterranean tunnel filled with lethal trip-wire devices where Angel acquires the sword, kills the Beast, restores the sun, and a happy moment leads him to make love to Cordelia...

Back in reality, the spell has had its intended effect. Angelus is back. His soul is trapped in a glass container.

Source: Wikipedia

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