The Biggest Loser Season 8, Episode 9: Week 9 - Recap

It's Week 9, and not one, but two people are going home. To get things rolling, the episode begins with a pop challenge, which will reward the winner with a one-pound advantage. The players - minus Amanda and Liz who sat out for medical reasons - must put their tennis balls in their individually colored buckets. It's a simple game of running back-and-forth, and Allen wins.

When everyone returns to the ranch, they let Bob and Jillian know about the twist this week. The two debate who needs to stay the most and who they need to train the hardest. The obvious answer is Shay.

The challenge this week is at the circus. With eight rings, the contestants must jump through their opponents' hoop to give out points. Once you receive 100 points, you're eliminated. Allen is worried about people going after him like they did during the baseball challenge, but Liz is the obvious first target. After she's out, Allen is eliminated next. Shay and Rudy start to go at each other when he starts to jump through her hoop, and she interprets this as him breaking a promise to her. Shay gets emotional and starts to yell. While, I understand her frustration, I don't really see how Rudy played any different from her. It eventually comes down to Danny and Rudy, and Rudy wins the competition and immunity for the week.

There are some clear alliances this week: Daniel, Shay, Rebecca and Amanda are against Liz, Danny, Rudy and Allen. I love the dedication (and sneakiness) when Daniel and Amanda grab the exercise bikes and the four of them workout in their room while the other team thinks they're sleeping.

Both groups head to a trapeze workout with Bob, and then onto another "last-chance workout" with Jillian. And then it's time to weigh in.

Rudy is up first since he has immunity. He loses 8 pounds, 2.41 percent. Shay is next, and with her 17-pound loss, she sets the record for the fastest woman to lose 100 pounds.

The rest are as follows:

Amanda loses 5 pounds, 2.42 percent

Rebecca loses 10 pounds, 4.57 percent

Danny loses 17 pounds, 5.11 percent

Allen loses 10 pounds, and with his 1-pound advantage, 4.35 percent

Liz loses 12 pounds, 5.5 percent

Daniel loses 5 pounds, 1.92 percent

What a week for big numbers. Unfortunately Daniel has the lowest percentage, and is immediately sent home after some hugs and tears from his competitors.

The other person to be eliminated comes down to Shay and Amanda, who have the next lowest percentages. Shay pleads to let them keep her there, not so she can play but to live. Amanda also pleads her case by saying she fought to get onto the ranch and is a 20-year-old trying to live her life.

The votes are pretty surprising (although the way it was edited I pegged Shay to be eliminated early on in the episode). She's sent home ironically on the day she broke a Biggest Loser record.

Are you sad to see Team Orange go home?

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