Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 3, Episode 22 - Real Life

The Doctor is proud of his new project. He's created a family for himself on the holodeck and is spending time with them to expand his potential. Having designed a wife named Charlene and two children, Jeffrey and Belle, the Doctor (now called "Kenneth" by Charlene) invites Kes and B'Elanna for dinner, to show them what an excellent husband and father he's turning out to be.

When the Doctor's friends meet his family, they are less than amused. The Doctor's new 'family' is far too good to be true: Charlene is a charming and wholesome hostess and takes pleasure in making sure her husband's every need is attended to, since he works so very hard, teenage Jeffrey is already an accomplished research scientist, and 10-year-old Belle is an adorable and well-rounded young student and athlete. Kes is polite, but B'Elanna says it plainly: the Doctor's family is a flawless, 'perfect' family – one that most people will never experience.

Torres offers to re-design the Doctor's family to more accurately reflect the 'real world': the once-chipper Charlene is now a busy working woman, Jeffrey is a rebellious teenager – and quickly falling in with the wrong crowd, Klingons; and Belle has begun playing the dangerous game of Parrises Squares.

At first, the Doctor is upset with the changes: he feels that Torres' changes were too 'extreme'. After a short adjustment period (and several sessions speaking with Tom Paris about 'family'), the Doctor comes home to the message that every parent dreads: Belle has fallen and hit her head on the edge of the court while in Parrises Squares practice, causing a life-threatening injury – and there's nothing the doctors can do to save her.

The Doctor visits his daughter in the hospital. Overcome with emotion, he orders the program terminated. However, he is faced with the logic of his crewmates: real life can't be switched on and off at whim, and there's no 'resume program' option.

Confronted with this simple fact, the Doctor returns to the holodeck and resumes the program.

Now back at the point where he left, the Doctor is at the hospital bedside of Belle. Belle asks an emotional "Am I going to die?" to which the Doctor simply replies "yes". As a grieving Charlene and tamer brother Jeffrey all enter the room and share their last few words with Belle, the family is brought together in an emotional hug when Belle passes away.

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