Review: Monk -- Mr. Monk and the End (Part 1) Season 8, Episode 15

If you were thinking that the penultimate episode of Monk, the next to last show, would be a gag fest filled with sight gags and spit takes, you were wrong. I can't remember a more serious Monk episode in eight seasons. Also, for those of you who have wondered about Monk's mourning of Trudy, here was a show that would address the issue head on. For that and other matters of life or death, read on and remember, this is only part one of the two part finale so spoilers will be shared... after the jump.

Immediately setting the tone, the show took us back to 1997. Not only was Adrian blissfully happy in his marriage to Trudy, he was also on the job as Leland's partner. The chemistry he had with both characters was clear; he felt lucky to have Trudy's love. With Stottlemeyer on the job, he was confident and secure. Oh, yes, he was still Monk with that obsessive compulsive mind. On the crime scene, he instantly saw that 58 bottles were on the floor, like Rain Main with the toothpicks. The crime had not been a robbery.

However, Monk missed connecting Trudy questioning him about Wendy's disappearance at the birthing center. In the midst of breakfast -- she forgot the onions in the omelet -- and her giving him a special gift not to be opened till Christmas, Adrian failed to ask why she wanted to know, what was the connection to the birthing center. Why did she forget the onions?

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