Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 3, Episode 25 - Worst Case Scenario

In this episode, B'Elanna Torres discovers a fictional holodeck simulation in which an unnamed crewperson follows Chakotay as he leads the Maquis crewmembers in a mutiny, taking Voyager out of Starfleet control. As the program becomes a popular diversion for the real Voyager crew, various crewmembers participate in the simulation in the role of the unnamed character (including Harry Kim and Tom Paris), all of whom ask the same question: who wrote the program?

At Captain Janeway's request, after playing and loving the program herself, Tuvok comes forward and admits authorship, explaining that the simulation was intended as a training scenario for the Starfleet security officers under his command, created during the merged crew's early days on Voyager. As time progressed, and the once-rebellious Maquis crew began to merge well into Starfleet life, he abandoned the unfinished program. Due to the enthusiastic requests of the crew, Tuvok and Paris partner to expand the program into a full-fledged holonovel.

As they begin to edit the original program, Paris and Tuvok suddenly find themselves trapped behind a forcefield in a simulation of the ship's brig. A holographic version of the recently deceased Seska appears and explains that before she escaped the ship, she rewrote the simulation as a virtual deathtrap for Tuvok. As various systems go offline on the real Voyager (including the transporter and communication systems, as well as the holodeck's safety protocols), Paris and Tuvok are put through one hazardous situation after another as they try to stay alive.

After Janeway and Torres manage to effect some minor changes to the deadly simulation from the real Voyager, Tuvok is able to configure a holographic phaser rifle to overload, "killing" the Seska simulation - ending the program and allowing Tuvok and Paris to escape to safety.

Source: Wikipedia

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