'The Amazing Race 16', Episode 4 Recap: Sauerkraut + Beer = Obnoxious Burping

This week's episode of The Amazing Race is a game-changer. At this point, you'll think that many things that we saw during the past legs are definites: the cowboys are first, the detectives are last, and there's nothing that will change it. Well, they haven't been to Germany.

The detectives' huge breakthrough: The eight remaining teams are heading to the city of Hamburg. Getting there means a flight from Bariloche to Frankfurt, and a train to Hamburg. All teams took the same flight out of Patagonia, but from there, teams got separated. One flight, stopping at Paris, Louie and Michael, and Jet and Cord. Another flight, stopping at Sao Paolo, has Joe and Heidi, Jordan and Jeff, Brent and Caite, and Steve and Allie. The other two teams--Dan and Jordan, and Carol and Brandy--got a direct flight.

Surprisingly in first: the cowboys and the detectives. Yes, that's their lucky break. They're all headed to a street with their next clue, which happens to be an Intersection. And, in a first, two teams perform the Roadblock together, which is a 150-foot bungee jump in the middle of the city. But they have to take a train to the Hamburg harbor, though. And that's where things got complicated for some teams.

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