Review: White Collar - All In Episode 6

What, no Thanksgiving episode? They could have had a plot where Caffrey has to find a diamond that was hidden in the carcass of a frozen Butterball turkey in the local supermarket. Or maybe some secret microfilm hidden inside a giant bowl of yams covered in marshmallows. They did mention that Christmas was coming up, so they seem to be in the right time of year. They should have had some of the characters watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or the Macy's Parade or something.

A question for all of the White Collar fans out there. Did Burke say that he was going to need Caffrey to learn how to play Pai Gow Poker or just Pai Gow? I thought he said Pai Gow Poker, which I believe (I could be wrong) is the American version of Pai Gow, played with cards and not with tiles. But when he went to the game, it was played with the tiles. At any rate, I thought this was kinda neat. They could have easily had Caffrey get involved in a high stakes, no-limit hold 'em poker game, but maybe they realized that was too 2006 and decided to go with something a little more exotic. It was a nice change of pace.

I know Caffrey is a con man, but at this point, Burke should just trust him. He could have escaped by now. Hell, in this episode the ankle monitor was actually taken off and he was given a wrist watch with a monitor that he could slip on and off easily (he did it when he went through the metal detector). At one point, Burke even called Caffrey his "partner" and Caffrey said with a surprised look, "We're partners?" Yeah, I'd say they are at this point.

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