Recap Accidentally on Purpose: Season 1, Episode 18 - Speed 2

This episode picks up right where "Speed" left off . Billie, Zack and Davis have been pulled over by the same Officer Ravitz for speeding, again. Billie is in labor for real and Zack is now being taken to jail for an outstanding warrant; he says he will be there when the baby is born. Much to Billie’s dismay, Davis will have to take her to the hospital and coach her through the labor and delivery of the baby. While Zack is incarcerated, (with two colorful cellmates) and trying everything with the help of Abby and Nick (and in the end Olivia) to get out, Billie is at the hospital in labor with Davis. Olivia ultimately negotiates Zack out of jail and they all get to the hospital in time for the birth of Henry Krawchuck. Billie finally happily accepts Zack’s marriage proposal.

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