Greek Season 3, Episode 8: "Fight the Power" - Review

The Greeks are bitchy in so many ways in the newest episode of Greek.

This week, ZBZ tries to raise their falling stock by throwing a kick-ass mixer, Evan comes out to his brothers about his financial situation, and Cappie's relationship with Lana comes to a fizzle. And there is a lot of bitching and moaning from boys and and girls alike!

The ZBZ girls are constantly complaining that they don't have any good mixers, which puts a ton of pressure on Ashley. So much so, that she makes some very questionable decisions in order to gain some popularity - seriously, offering to pay Gamma Psis electricity bill in order to get them to come to her party? That's what she goes to first? She couldn't think of anything less humiliating?

Speaking of complaining, Evan Chambers did a lot of it this episode! He told the brothers about giving up his trust fund, and now he thinks (and maybe he's right) that the brother's don't respect him as much, because all they cared about was the Chambers name.

They are definitely gossiping about him behind his back like a bunch of little girls. Evan can't handle being ridiculed for one day - seriously? Grow up! It's a little ridiculous though that he pushes Calvin to come out of the closet so the Omega Chi brothers will have something else to talk about. What a selfish tool!

At least Casey finds Evan's whininess attractive - but hopefully not too attractive, because we hope the Cappie and Casey romance story arc is coming to a head in the next show! How can you not love Cappie???

I mean, Casey is OK, and she had some pretty awesome moments in tonight's show (e.g. taking the blame for Ashleigh's disastrous decisions), but if it will make Cappie happy, then we're all for it. I think we're all rooting for a Cappie-Casey reunion. The previews for next week look promising!

What are your favorite moments from this week's episode, "Fight the Power?" To see the full recap, check out our episode guide.

We've also collected a handful of Greek quotes from the evening. Our favorite:

Evan: You know some people appreciate my sense of humor.

Ashleigh: Some people appreciate Crocs.

Dale: Hi, uh, I have a friend of mine I'd like to introduce you to. His name's Jesus and he pays much greater dividends than those dollar bills in your underpants.

Rusty: You see yourself reflected in her and you don't like what you see. Are you growing up?

Cappie: You shut your damn mouth.

Ashleigh: The Gamma Psis seem so nice with their cupcakes and their bunny mascot.

Casey: Bunnies look cute, then they bite you with their big sharp bunny teeth.

Ashleigh: And they sleep where they poop.

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