'Warehouse 13' - 'For the Team' Recap Season 2, Episode 7

This week on 'Warehouse 13,' Myka teamed up with a brand new partner to crack a case involving combustible college wrestlers. No, I'm not talking about Claudia; I'm talking about H.G. Wells!

What? H.G. Wells? The season's big bad? The scary de-bronzed femme fatale? She's a kick-ass, grappling hook gun-firing good guy now? How'd that happen?

If you ask Wells, she's always been one of the good guys. And she's ready to prove herself to Myka and the rest of the team and reenlist as a Warehouse agent. But can she be trusted? That's the big question, isn't it?

I loved the big twist in this episode. Turning a major baddie into a tweener is a tricky thing to do. Sometimes a show gets it right and it's the best thing ever (Hello, Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'), but it just feels silly and false when it's done poorly (I'm looking at you, 'Heroes'). But I'm loving the dynamic between Wells and Myka, and Jaime Murray is so awesome that she makes you really wanna root for her.

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