Review: 'Life Unexpected' - 'Rent Uncollected' Episode 3

After minor meltdowns from Lux, Baze and Cate last week, the three of them seem to be moving into something of a routine now, having gotten past the sketchy friends and threatening to move out portion of their relationship. Last week, we dug a bit deeper into Lux's life, and this week, we meet Cate and Baze's respective families, who are loud, obnoxious, annoying and intrusive ... which seems pretty much par for the course as far as families go.

As Cate becomes more comfortable with her role as Lux's parent, she exercises some sound judgment and takes her out of the inner city school all wayward youths are forced to attend and transfers her to the posh public school which she attended. However, she does this without even talking to the kid first, which is an ill-advised move.

I'm on Lux's side here. Any kid who has to transfer to a new high school, no matter how crummy their old one is, is not going to be pleased. In the midst of this, Baze has come clean to his parents, as well, about Lux's existence. While kind of thrilled at the news, Baze's overbearing parents insist on a family dinner, despite lingering tension over Baze's overdue rent on the bar.

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