Review: 'Two and a Half Men' - 'Crude and Uncalled For' Season 7, Episode 14

Uh oh -- has Charlie made a critical error in his relationship with Chelsea? It depends on how to look at it, but the Humpster misplayed the situation in this episode and that "to be continued" at the end suggests that something wicked may be coming.

On the plus side, it looks like Alan won't be losing his man-cherry in the slammer, and Jake has a future in horror movie sound effects.

Alan has shown more talent on his man-dates with Herb than the Internet dates he's had. He was in rare form with the latest eHarmony hook-up, talking socks and sex. If he still had his ventriloquist's dummy, he would have pulled it out. But Alan did show us something we'd never seen from him before. The monster. Okay, it was just one lucky punch, but still...

Could the Harpers have given Chelsea a worse view of their dysfunctional family than what she saw during this episode? Selfish, rutting Charlie. Needy schmuck Alan. Unloving, cold Evelyn. Disinterested Jake. They all came off as shallow and crass. Funny, yes, but Chelsea was dazzled by the lawyer's altruistic qualities and grown up qualities. Charlie only cared about his wasted erection and missing a chance to get some nookie.

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