'Jersey Shore' Recap: 'I Can't Stand Any of Yous'

FINALLY. Finally, the weekly waking nightmare known as "Angelina saying and doing things on our TVs between 10 and 11pm on Thursdays" comes to a close. A drawn-out, frustrating, repetitive, painful close, but a definitive close nonetheless. Not a minute too soon, but about ten weeks too late.

During tonight's episode, I actually found myself relating to Angelina. Not because I am an entitled, deluded drama queen with the mental incapacity to admit even one of my many faults, but just because of some of the words she said: "I can't take this mental abuse anymore." "I almost left." "If I leave, they win." That is exactly how I feel about this show almost every week! (But mostly because of Angelina.) I hope that, in its upcoming final weeks sans the infection known as Angelina, this show makes it up to me. I miss the magic we used to share, back in the good old days of Ronnies getting arrested and Snookis getting punched. Please say we can get back there ... someday.

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