Who Will Be the First HG Evicted on 'Big Brother 12'?

The first live eviction on Big Brother 12 comes tonight and it's between secret bisexual Annie and big-breasted chemist Rachel. If you follow what's going on inside the house, you already know who's going home.

Annie is the target and, unless there's a major shake-up at the last minute, she's gone. Annie has been campaigning as hard as she can, telling everyone who will listen that keeping in a known couple (Brendon and Rachel) is a bad idea. It makes sense on paper, but the other HGs would rather keep the devil they know.

The saddest part is that Hayden is giving Annie false hope and other HGs like Britney and Monet have promised that they'll vote for Annie when they have no intention to, just to appease her so she doesn't go crazy.

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