Michael, Nina and Tim Discuss the Wacky and Worrisome 'Project Runway' 7

Returning to New York for this season seems to be looking good for Project Runway, particularly because it's the judges who are thrilled to be back. The contestants are another story, but we're sure they're just as excited.

One other reason that gives this season something extra is the fact that the show managed to have a street named after it. Even though it was just temporary, NYC had its own "Project Runway Avenue" in the Fashion District. During the unveiling yesterday, series judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors stood by fashion guru Tim Gunn to express their enthusiasm.

OK! Magazine caught up with some of them, asking about the craziness of season 7 and what highlights we can expect from the show. There's bound to be some standout and talented personalities on Project Runway, which definitely makes it worth watching.

Throughout his years on the show, Michael Kors divulged that he had dealt with some unusual offers. "The craziest pitch?" he said. "It was someone's daughter's Bat Mitzvah and they wanted the theme to be Project Runway and that Nina and I should come and judge what the kids were wearing. That was our wackiest."

But Tim Gunn had other things on his mind, like the Big Apple itself. "There is no more thrilling and exhilarating place to live than this great city of New York and it is the indisputable fashion capitol of the world," he announced.

Nina Garcia was in full agreement: "Again, so thrilled to be back in New York and on Seventh Avenue."

While the location for Project Runway 7 is certainly something to look forward to, we're even more concerned about the challenges. "There isn't a single challenge without lots of 'make it work' moments," Tim Gunn explained.

He went on to say that he's worried about the designers' work ethic, especially with how they treat the time limits. "I'm calling it the season of the sashay because no matter how urgent our deadlines are, no matter how far behind we are, the designers just sort of waltz around our workroom as if we have all the time in the world, and we don't."

Still, we wouldn't mind laying our eyes on the workroom chaos. Catch Project Runway every Thursday on Lifetime.

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