Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 19 - The Coffeemaker

Joy and Eddie are sitting in their living room with the Woodcocks when Joy thanks them for the cappuccino machine they received from the Woodcocks. Jeff is a little confused at the fact that Joy said they gave them a cappuccino maker. Joy says Eddie is great at using the coffee maker so Eddie takes their coffee orders. They all have crazy intricate coffee orders and Eddie gets mad that they are making such orders and goes to the kitchen. Joy leaves to shake her frittata. Jeff asks Steph why she spent money on a coffee maker for them. She tells him that they gave them one that they got as a gift. Jeff says that it was a wedding gift from his mother. He then asks her what other things of his she gave away. Eddie makes Steph's drink and Joy brings it to her. Steph tells Joy some neighborhood gossip, and straining to hear it from the kitchen as he makes coffee, Eddie burns himself on the steam.

At school, Jeff thanks Eddie for brunch the other day especially the cappuccinos. Eddie says that the cappuccino maker is ruining his life - he always has to make coffee for Joy! That day at home, Joy gets home and asks Eddie for some cappuccino. He tries to show her how to use the maker but Joy doesn't want to learn. Eddie tells her that she is smart enough to learn but Joy refuses to learn. They get into an argument about who does what for each other.

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