Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 Recap: "Last Tango, Then Paris"

This week, Gossip Girl ended its third season. Remember last year's romantic season finale, when Chuck finally mustered up the strength to declare his love to Blair as they kissed on the streets of New York City? Well this season finale was nothing at all like that.

The Sleepovers

When we left off last week, Jenny was crashing at Nate's place. As this episode opened, Jenny waited for Nate to awake...and we learned that nothing happened between them. He fell asleep snoring, she watched New Moon, and Jenny relented, "I get it. You love Serena."

Nevertheless, this is scheming Jenny Humphrey, and if an opportunity falls right into her lap, she's going to take it. That's exactly what happened when she went back to the loft and saw Dan and Serena asleep in bed together. Once they awoke, we learned they drank wine, Dan comforted Serena, and they shared one kiss - but that was all, and then they fell asleep. They agreed it was a mistake and that nobody needed to know about it. However, there was a picture of them in bed together all over Gossip Girl, courtesy of Jenny.

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