Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 20 - That's Ridiculous

Joy is running down a list of things for Eddie to remember as she is going on a trip and won't be there to help him. As she is leaving she mentions how happy she is that their daughter, Allison, wants to spend spring break with her. She says she will miss Eddie but he say's that's ridiculous since they have been married for 20 years. Joy is upset that Eddie won't say that he will miss her. Joy says that no matter how he feels, he is going to miss her bad. As soon as she leaves, he takes off his pants and watches a daytime court show.

On the beach with Allison, Joy recounts her spring break adventures and tells Allison that it's a girls only weekend. Allison goes off to get some drinks and when she's gone, a buffed man comes up to Joy and tells her he wants her to help him clean up beach trash. Joy is flattered by his flirtatious way and agrees to help.

Back at home, Eddie gets Chinese and pizza delivery. Jeff and Steph come over to bring him some lasagna and keep him company. Eddie tells them he doesn't want any company and that he's happy to be alone, eating and watching TV. They mention that they are going to have a picnic the next day before leaving. Suddenly, the TV goes out and Eddie realizes he can't eat without TV. He finds out that there is a major cable outage so he calls his friend Stan to hang out but he can't because he's at a funeral. Eddie goes through his address book and finds Cofeld's name who agrees to come over after 3. Cofeld comes over and realizes that there is no TV and finds it weird hanging out with Eddie without TV. To break the monotony, Eddie shows Cofeld some fake guns he confiscated from some of his students. They spend some time playing around the house with them.

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