Numbers: Will Amita Accept Charlie's Proposal?

Not every TV cliff-hanger features gunshots, explosions and possible deaths. In the case of Numbers, the season ended with fans eager to hear whether Amita (Navi Rawat) would accept a proposal from Charlie (David Krumholtz).

The good news: Fans won't have to wait long for Amita's answer. "You will find out in the first episode whether she says yes or no," Rawat tells

Naturally Rawat doesn't want to spoil the surprise before the show's premiere (Friday at 10/9c on CBS), but her general outlook on Charlie and Amita is positive. "Charlie and Amita are one of the few couples on TV who are actually together and stay together for the most part," Rawat says. "They're a pretty solid unit. I think it's just a matter of figuring things out between them, and there's still some stuff that needs to be worked through."

Chief among the "stuff" is Amita's traditional family and the complexities of possibly marrying a colleague.

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