Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 22 - Summer of Love

Eddie is on the phone with the makers of Lucky Charms complaining about the marshmallows. Joy comes in and tells Eddie to relax because it's the first day of summer vacation. He doesn't like it because it's too unstructured. Joy is off to work when their daughter Allison shows up. Joy is surprised to see her but she says she came home early with her boyfriend Doug. Doug is a bit of a weirdo and Allison tells them that he needs to stay a few days until his van is fixed. She says he will sleep in the van. Eddie agrees to let Doug stay as long as he stays in the van. Doug returns to ask if he can hook up to Eddie's power so he can hatch some eggs he's been incubating. At the Woodcock's, Jeff is on summer vacation too and he realizes that Steph's routine without him is a lazy one.

Later, Doug is making freshly blended drinks for Allison and Steph. Jeff comes over and asks Steph why she isn't working on her thesis. Doug starts massaging him but he feels uncomfortable so he leaves. Doug tells Steph that her gay brother is really uptight. Inside, Eddie unplugs the blender so Steph decides to go inside to get Eddie to plug the van back in. She tells Eddie that it is summer and that should relax, accept his daughter's boyfriend, and come outside for some blended drinks. He tells her that he doesn't know how to relax. She plugs the blender back in and convinces Eddie to go outside. Eddie goes outside to find Doug barbecuing and the kids listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd. He says he loves them and gets really into the lounging routine by banging on bongos.

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