House: Preview of Episode 6.8 "Teamwork"

On tonight's episode of House, House's (Hugh Laurie) medical license is finally reinstated so he reclaims his role as Head of Diagnostics just in time for a very interesting case - that of Hank Hardwick (guest star Troy Garity), an adult film star who is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro for pulsating eye pain. Elsewhere on "Teamwork" Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) is reminded that Princeton Plainsboro is not conducive to healthy personal relationships.

The hospital not conducive to healthy personal relationships? Just ask Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). But for Cuddy, what does this mean? She hardly has any personal relationships in Princeton Plainsboro, other than the pseudo love-hate thing she has with House (naming the boobies, reminder her of her outbox being three times normal size, and dancing while talking about med school and teachers, then finally, Lucas, those things).

Anyway, on the last episode of House, a hard-partying 16-year-old girl suddenly fainted and inexplicably started having the joints of an 80-year-old. That, and Cameron thinks Chase was cheating on her, still because of the weirdness thanks to the dead dictator. It probably shouldn't be too hard, except that the patient was a pathological liar, or she didn't really have a good memory of what happened the night before.

Yet more importantly, there were some glacial movements on the House and Cuddy side of things (fine, Huddy), but not necessarily in the right direction. The three, including Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), go on some conference, and Wilson sort of tried to egg House to ask Cuddy out and be responsible, consistent, and stuff in reference to Cuddy's baby. When House went to the room, surprise, it's Lucas (House's PI). The two are apparently sort of dating, but the look Cuddy had on that awkward coffee shop moment said volumes about what she thinks of the relationship.

Catch "Teamwork" tonight on House.

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