Dexter: Is Love in the Cards for Masuka and Deb?

After all the heavy stuff that happened in the season 4 finale of Dexter, I'm looking forward to some of the lighter side of things on the dark Showtime drama. And one of those is Vince Masuka, Miami Metro Police's lead forensic investigator who works alongside Dexter Morgan and often provides comic relief with his perverted innuendos.

If you recall, Masuka, played by C.S. Lee, had a very memorable scene with Deb in the recent season when Deb took off her shirt to show her scars and invited him to Thanksgiving. Though no malice was intended on Deb's end, those two scenes somewhat gave me an impression that something might happen with Masuka and Deb on Dexter in the future. And apparently, I'm not alone.

"I always thought that Debra and Masuka would get married, and--did I say too much? Well, season five, they're on their honeymoon in Barbados," Lee told "Dexter's hanging out--he's trying to have a good time while he can. She's pregnant, and she thinks maybe it's Lundy's, but it's actually mine. Yeah, we're going to have three Dexter babies. It might be Dexter/Masuka now!"

Of course, Lee is just kidding. But he did say that Masuka and Deb make quite a good pairing.

"Honestly, I don't know what happens next season. The writers haven't even figured out what's going to happen either, but if I was a writer, I would give Masuka maybe a date, maybe an affair, maybe a nice tropical island vacation somewhere. He does need a real romance...In a way, Masuka and Deb are kinda similar, so they would end up making a good couple. I'll tell [boss] Clyde Phillips and make sure the note makes it on his desk," he said.

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