The Office Episode Recap: "St. Patrick's Day" Season 6, Episode 19

After Cecilia's glorious yet unconventional arrival into the world, it's time for the Dunder Mifflin staff to resume their roles as Pennsylvania's most outrageous office staff.

Hello America. I am Adam Mersel,'s resident Intern/Sitcom Enthusiast/Assistant Regional Manager, and I will be taking over as official recapper of The Office.

This week's episode begins with Michael acknowledging St. Patrick's Day in a full Irish brogue, as Kelly and Ryan engage in their usual bickering. Michael explains how this happens to be a very popular holiday in the Scranton area, as this is "the closest the Irish will ever get to Christmas."

Jim makes his much-anticipated entrance back into the office after the birth of his daughter, and finds that things have not changed a bit - except that Dwight has connected their workstations in order to make himself a "mega-desk." Unhappy with this threat to his dominion, Dwight snarks, "Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dumbass are back. All I care about now is mega-desk, getting more mega-desk."

Jo, Dunder Mifflin's new resident CEO from Sabre, is still happy to spend time in the Scranton office, mostly because her dog loves "peeing in the Scranton snow." In order to get more attention, Michael brings her a special gift, which happens to be a box of coal. Jo doesn't quite get it until she is informed that coal powers all of the buildings in the area. In return, she promises that if Michael ever wants to travel to Tallahassee (her "neck of the woods") he always has a place to stay - an idea that clearly excites him.

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