30 Rock Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: "Future Husband"

I know, I know. It has been a month without 30 Rock. After 37 hours of Olympic speed skating, two "special preview" episodes of the NBC disaster The Marriage Ref, and countless sad weeks without our fearless leader Coco O'Brien, Liz and the gang are back, and I can finally wipe the tears away.

As the show opens, Liz calls Jack after discovering a waffle in her DVD player. Eventually he reminds her that after her oral surgery, when she was, let's just say, out of it, she exclaimed "Nicole Kidman should win an Oscar for it," and made a complete mess out of herself. Avery, Jack's new girlfriend played by actress Elizabeth Banks, informs him that a cable company is in the running to purchase NBC. He immediately says the idea is false, and cites a conversation with boss/hero Don Geiss as the reason for the debauched rumor.

Frank doesn't show up to work, and as a disgruntled Liz begins to call the lazy writer, she comes across a certain "Future Husband" in her phonebook. She realizes that it must be the man she met in the dentist's office before her procedure, and both Jenna and Kenneth encourage her to pursue her dream boyfriend. As Kenneth throws his wallet out of the window, he provides the girls with life advice: "Things always work out for the best!"

As Jenna and Tracy rehearse for the new episode of TGS, Tracy announces that he is auditioning for a Broadway role in hopes of winning a Tony and completing the "T" in "EGOT." Meanwhile, Jack's office seems to be quiet, and after Avery calls and notifies him that he is out of the loop about the NBC buy-out deal, Jack panics. He insists the help of his assistant Jonathan to find out what is actually going on within the company.

As Liz gets a check up from her dentist, she tries to ask questions in hopes of finding "Future Husband." The Doctor denies her answers, and after she refuses to stop, he refuses her "a treat from the treat bucket." Liz is especially upset because she is missing out on a Batman bath toy. Meanwhile, after Tracy gets rave review for his Broadway performance, Jenna bursts his bubble by telling him that in order to be eligible for a Tony, he must do the same performance eight times. Tracy, a self-proclaimed "spontaneous actor," can't imagine how he will put on the same performance another seven times.

Even though Kenneth is having animalistic medical problems (due to the pills that were in the wallet her threw out of the window), he convinces Liz to call "Future Husband," use a Jamaican accent, and convince him to come in and see the doctor, ultimately allowing Liz and the man to meet again.

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