The Vampire Diaries: Uncovering the Vampire Tomb

The whole Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle is already intriguing as it is but things got really interesting on The Vampire Diaries when we learned about Damon's diabolical plan to open the tomb by the old church that contains Katherine plus 26 other vampires. As mentioned previously, this mystery will be uncovered when The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes, beginning January 21. But if you think that something this significant will lead up to the big finale, think again.

According to, "the writers actually aren't going to wait until the end of the season to open the tomb with all the vampires and Katherine in it," proving that nothing about this show is ever predictable.

Come to think of it, the first Vampire Diaries episode of the new year alone already taps on the tomb storyline as Bonnie (Katerina Graham) comes closer to uncovering the past and the place where all the murder began in Mystic Falls.

Now the big question is how will Katherine plus 26 other vampires resurface? If you recall, Bonnie burned the necklace and destroyed any hope Damon had of opening the tomb. Logan knew that the mystery person who turned him into a vampire knows of another way to open the tomb but that information died with Logan, thanks to Alaric the vampire slayer. I guess we'll just have to stay tuned to find out!

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