American Idol Episode Recap: The Top 12 Revealed

The time has come: America Idol has gotten down to its 12 finalists. Who's in? Who's Out? Let's find out.

Oh, but first, we have to talk about ...

Group Number: "Haven't Met You Yet"

The top 16's take on Michael Buble's song was somewhat listenable, even though the lip-synching will always be a huge problem for me. Tonight's biggest offender: Paige Miles, who appeared to not know any of the words beyond what she sang when she had her individual on-camera moment. I also relish seeing people like Crystal and Casey singing songs like this because they are so clearly uncomfortable with the genre.

Scott McIntyre and Matt Giraud, "Tell Her About It"

Meh. Scott McIntyre is still as bland as dry toast, and this Billy Joel song is right up his alley. The song seems a odd choice for Matt Giraud, who I prefer to hear being a little more soulful and jazzy. Ultimately, the whole dual piano performance seems more like an excuse for the boys to plug their respective album and EP. At least it was better than the group number.

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