WAREHOUSE 13 ''Reset'' Season 2 Finale Advance Review

I was able to preview the Reset, season finale of WAREHOUSE 13 and while I’ll tease some things in this review, I won’t reveal any real spoilers. Reset begins where Buried left off with Pete and Myka trapped by H. G. Wells at Warehouse 2. After an assist from Daedalus’s wings and Artie, it’s onto a chase around the world to find H. G. and learn which artifact she stole and what she wants to do with it.

Pete and Myka are as strong a team as ever, and their chemistry shines throughout the episode. As much attention as Claudia, Artie, and even Helena get - and they are all wonderful - Pete and Myka are the heart of the show and they carry it well. They’re also just plain funny. Their reaction to mentioning a French attorney is so silly I can’t help giggling and Pete even manages to find his inner ten year old boy in the middle of an escape attempt. They also back and buck each other up whenever necessary.

Claudia is still shaken by the idea that she might have to become the Warehouse caretaker someday and I love how Artie talks to–not at–her about it. It is probably my favorite conversation between them and their connection seems to deepen with each episode. Claudia has grown a great deal this season and I love that she knows herself as well as she does.

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