'White Collar' - 'By the Book' Recap Season 2, Episode 4

I don't know if it's fair to compare 'White Collar' with 'Burn Notice,' but they're both on USA and follow a formula, so what the heck. I'm enjoying 'White Collar' more than 'Burn Notice' right now. Maybe it's a temporary thing. Sometimes these things happen in cycles. Maybe at some point, 'White Collar will become routine and I'll really get into 'Burn Notice' again, but right now I'm loving this show more.

I still love 'Burn Notice,' but 'White Collar' right now is just more fun, more entertaining, more quotable.

But that doesn't mean that some things about the show don't irritate me. OK, one thing in particular: the inconsistency of trust. I'm talking about the trust between Neal and Peter. As I've mentioned other weeks, Neal and Peter really like each other and they count on each other and there have been many times when they have been tested and they've passed that test. They can trust each other.

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