The Hills: Spencer Pratt Unveils Album Cover

Hearing about King Spencer buying his own music company was alarming enough, but seeing this Pratt on the jacket of a CD? Makes you feel like the apocalypse has come as a holiday surprise, doesn't it? Reports say that the Hills star recently posted the design of his album cover on his Twitter account, where he's been promoting his new single titled "I'm a Celebrity."

As you can see from the photo of Spencer Pratt's album cover, it delivers what one expects of it. It's the guy's face as he fans himself with several dollar bills and towers over a silhouetted Hollywood. The glaring beams of blue behind him are obviously spotlights, focusing on the self-proclaimed King.

What's more, the bold and blocked font of Spencer's name with blue-to-white gradients emphasizes his desire to make himself known. As if he wasn't already. But it could definitely use a bit of contrast; blue letters against a blue background don't really work that well. Unless, of course, he's implying that he's blue-blooded royalty, then he did a good job.

Spencer Pratt's album cover simply highlights the fact that he thinks he's reached absolute celebrity status and he's proud of it. You may think the album cover's not as artful or profound as those of veteran musicians, but it's from the star of The Hills. We're not really holding out for much.

But if you're still interested in what Spencer Pratt has to offer in terms of music, you might want to know that his single, "I'm a Celebrity" (just like the album's title, yes), will be out soon. It will be available online a few days before Christmas.

"My new single "I'm A Celebrity" is available on iTunes 12/22," Spencer posted on his Twitter. We're only hoping he could at least do better than his wife, who launched her music career last year. While she's on her way to conquering the literary world - everyone shudder! - we wait as her husband does what he can with this musical effort.

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