'Flash Forward' Writer Hints Kangaroos and Next Year Plans

It's going to be a looooong wait until March, so for every bit of news we unearth about Flash Forward there's got to be some cosmic compensation for it. At least we hope so. Or maybe hearing about what to expect when the show returns is enough to satisfy us, because that's all we really have.

One of the series' writers, Scott Gimple, dished out details regarding the second half of Flash Forward's first season to TV.com. He talked about what's to come next year, in addition to discussing the very mysterious kangaroo we keep seeing and what they plan for the big reveal. Gimple did his best to avoid any spoilers though, so we deem his words safe.

The writer, who penned the episode "Black Swan" with Lisa Zwerling, was immediately asked about the glaring presence of the kangaroo on the series. He asserts that it's not just some random animal that escaped from the zoo; we have to read between the lines. Especially since he's not giving away much.

"The kangaroo does, in fact, have a deal, its OWN deal, and we will see said deal. Its deal will be fully dealt with," was all that Gimple would say about the animal.

He also said that one reason that plenty has been kept secret from the audience is showrunner David Goyer's decision to zip his lips. "My mysteriousness is one part being extra spoiler careful, one part leaving story flexibility (we have a plan, I assure you, but we reserve the right to goof around with it), and one part Goyer and Guggenheim keeping a handful of the details of the flashes locked up away from us."

But what Gimple can tell us is that they know what they're doing, and hope the audiences will be pleased with it. "One huge thing is that we do know exactly where we're going," he said. "We have it all mapped out and organized on a Hummer-sized bulletin board that we keep under lock and key. In fact, we know so much about where we're going, when questions [that] are posed [will be] answered (we try not to take too long in between), and how the season will end that I am actually usually pretty nervous to talk too much about the show."

With that said, catch Flash Forward as it airs again in March next year.

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