Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 20 - Imaginary Fiends

The demon Vicus is working on turning Wyatt evil.

Piper is worried about Wyatt - he's in regular nursery school, and he's spending the whole time talking to thin air.

Phoebe is heavy into her new psychology coursework, so she's prone to spouting psychobabble. Maybe Wyatt has an imaginary friend? She resolves to quiz one of her professors. That professor refuses to answer her questions, since she thinks Phoebe is just pumping her for pop-psych answers for her column.

Paige is frazzled - not only is she dealing with her Whitelighter charges, she's also dealing with a series of magical attacks every time the phone rings.

Piper and Paige determine that the demons attack whenever Wyatt's nursery school calls. As the demons seem to be attacking with powers that are supposed to belong to good witches, Paige theorizes that Wyatt himself is causing the demons to appear.

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