Review: Sons of Anarchy - Culling Season 2, Episode 12

The showdown we've been waiting all season to see finally happened tonight and even though it didn't end the way the antagonists deserved (i.e. heads removed where the shoulder meets the neck, placed on a stick and paraded around town on a substandard Japanese import), it still had my head spinning.

The show opens with SAMCRO preparing for their big, inevitable smackdown with the League by keeping all of their loved ones under lock and key at the clubhouse. But instead of just jumping into the fray head first with baseball bats twisted in barb-wire and all, they do what they should have done from the beginning: they plotted and planned. They turned the tables on the League and by doing so, turned the League on each other.

The easiest screw to loosen in this IKEA coffee table of evil is AJ, Zobelle's big dumb guard dog, which is a compliment at this stage. SAMCRO could have tossed the dumb racist lug a big, marbled piece of meat and he would have turned on Zobelle like a Sit 'n' Spin. Henry Rollins has done a great job as AJ on this season and brought a bold fierceness to the character that no one else could, but the character is very one-dimensional and single-minded in purpose. Simply hinting at Zobelle's working with a non-Caucasian affiliation would send the man to Defcon 1.

But on the polar opposite of the character changing scale lies Tara, a doctor who went from a gentle healer to a bigger face kicking badass than Gemma. Tara put that nosy administrator in her place by finally introducing her fist to her face and using the air of the club to get her off of her back. Something tells me it may not be once and for all.

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