Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 21 - Death Becomes Them

Zankou is trying to weaken the sisters so he can get to the Book of Shadows. He picks Phoebe as the weakest link.

Phoebe is flirting with a fellow student when a demon attacks. Her friend Tim is killed.

Paige is shepherding another charge - this one's a future Whitelighter who is somehow in peril. Paige thinks it might have something to do with her creepy boyfriend.

Piper is trying to plan a first-birthday party for Chris, but things keep getting in the way.

Phoebe is devastated - she thinks she's responsible for Tim's death. She's right - Zankou is trying to shake her confidence. Piper counsels Phoebe to look in on Tim's body. When Phoebe leaves, Piper tries to consult the Book of Shadows. No go--the Book knows it's Zankou disguised as Piper. Phoebe asks Darryl for help, despite his concerns that Sheridan is getting suspicious. At the morgue, Darryl says the demon is trying to send a message. Paige counsels Phoebe to try to relax - go home and get some sleep! But Zankou isn't letting her off that easily - he allies himself with an alchemist who can raise the dead. Phoebe tosses and turns and finds an undead Tim next to her, accusing her of causing his death. Zankou causes Tim to disappear before Piper and Leo see him.

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