Celebrity Apprentice Episode Recap: Week 2

This week on Celebrity Apprentice, the 13 contestants must open a storefront experience to help promote Kodak. The two teams, Tenacity (the women) and Rocksolid (men) must set up a shop to help re-launch Kodak moments by using their cameras and printers. Each team will be judged by their creativity, brand visibility and overall storefront experience, as determined by secret shoppers.

The women's side, as led by project manager Maria, gets organized fairly quickly with no help from Cyndi. From interrupting the Kodak executives during their initial meeting to getting in Maria's way at the storefront when she's trying to explain her ideas, things are not looking for the previous project manager. It may be early on, but I already see a pretty great battle between Cyndi and Holly later this season, that is if Cyndi ever becomes aware to the fact that all of her teammates are frustrated with her. She's a little (actually, a lot) aloof so you never know. Anyways, Cyndi saves herself by thinking of a great slogan for the Kodak experience and even Donald Jr. notices early how organized the ladies are looking this time around.

The same cannot be said for the men's team with Sinbad taking over the reigns as project manager. From the get-go, the team is very disorganized and no one is more vocal about it than ... Bret? It seems a little odd since just last week, many of the guys said they had to carve out their own duties because Bret was less than organized but Sinbad takes that to another level. Sinbad slowly gets everything in order but flat out ignores his teammates (mainly a restless Bret) when they ask him what they should do.

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