Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 22 - Something Wicca This Way Goes

Zankou has the Book of Shadows - and now he's after the Nexus. If he gains control of that, it's game over for the forces of good. But wait, there's more! Inspector Sheridan has contacted Homeland Security about Brody. The agents reveal they know all about the Sisters, and they're ready to take them down.

Zankou brings in a legion of demons to manually dig for the nexus. They can't use magic, because the nexus would interpret that as a threat. When they dig down to where the nexus is, Zankou recites the spell to take the nexus in. But even from Magic School, the sisters can strike back. Their spell ejects the nexus from Zankou. A furious Zankou resolves to check the book for ways to counteract the Charmed Ones. The sisters try to get the book by calling in reinforcements. All the good magical creatures they've helped in the past - leprechauns, fairies, trolls, valkyries, the whole lot - attack the demons so the sisters can take a shot at the book. They even cast a spell on Zankou that turns him (mostly) into a pig. But the Book doesn't recognize the sisters anymore, and they're repelled by a protection spell. They need to regain their confidence.

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