'Life Unexpected' Recap: Still Feel Sorry for Lux After This? Didn't Think So Episode 4

You know what they say about two wrongs not making a right? On Life Unexpected, two wrongs make everything horribly, horribly hopeless. Lux (Britt Robertson) loses her friends and Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Ryan (Kerr Smith) is in danger of losing their show and things just seem irreparably bad.

On "Bong Intercepted" Baze's (Kristoffer Polaha) bong-lamp that Lux sold to a classmate was discovered by her high school principal, earning her a five-day suspension. Enter mommy to the rescue. Cate decides to talk to Lux's (and her) high school principal to play the sympathy card by bringing all of Lux's dirty laundry in the form of the Folder of Secrets from her social worker.

Alas, the Folder of Secrets falls into the wrong hands, gets photocopied dozens of times and circulated all over school! Lux's burgeoning friendship with the popular kid, thus, ends in infamy as said girl discovers that Lux is a big fat liar.

So Lux holes up in daddy's bar in the same night as Cate's program's big Drink-a-Date. Furious at her mother, Lux grabs the mic and announces to the bar-ful of people/listeners that - guess what - Cate and Ryan are engaged to each other. Throw that plot device away, thank you.

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