Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 2 - Malice in Wonderland

The sisters are sharing the bathroom and pondering all their issues, and finally call a meeting. Meanwhile, Haas and his demons take over the magic school. At the family meeting Piper is taking a day off for a spa, and they figure Phoebe should get together with Dex and Paige needs to figure out who her charge is.

Haas’ demons have corrupted some teenagers as a plan to draw the sisters out. At school, Billie and her roommate are discussing missing and mind-wiped kids. Phoebe eventually manages to link up with Dex while Paige is pulled over for running a stop sign and gets the idea to become a cop. Paige overhears a police report of another missing kid, while Haas’ female minion takes a boy prisoner, luring him into the sewers, then disappearing just as Paige shows up. Haas confronts the boy and warns him he’s “down the rabbit hole.”

Dex is showing Phoebe his sculptures and they eventually get out to lunch, while at P3 they’re having electrical problems, interrupting her relaxation plans. Paige approaches the police about a job and when the officer is disdainful, offers to take him on. She flips him and he reluctantly concedes he should sign up.

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