Glee Episode 11 - Recap: "Hairography"

In this episode of Glee, the club gets their first look at the competition for sectionals. In their attempts to top their rivals, Will introduces an interesting new approach that may end up being the club's downfall. Elsewhere, Quinn questions whether she wants to keep her baby, and Terri struggles with her decision to keep secrets from her husband.

Distraction is the name of the game in this week's episode. Kicking off the episode, the club is so distracted by their rehearsal, that they don't notice Britney taping their practice. Once caught, she says, "Coach Sylvester didn't tell me to do this." Yes, as the weeks dwindle down to sectionals, Sue has finally kicked her plan of taking down the glee club into action. Step 1: Finding out what schools they are competing against. Fearful that Sue is leaking their set list, Emma suggests that Will go to Jane Adams Academy to find out if they're part of Sue's plan.

Jane Adams is quite different from McKinley High. Guards pat down Will as her enters the reform school. He meets with Grace Hitchens (guest-star Eve) to ask if Sue has leaked their set list. Hitchens is pretty disgusted that Will is worried about trivial things, whereas they don't even have a place to practice. Hitchens says she wouldn't risk her club's happiness by cheating. Will offers for the Jane Adams glee club to use the McKinley auditorium, hinting at a friendly scrimmage. Looks may be deceiving for these ladies, though. They may be from a reform school, but their moves are hot, with popping voices to match. Will begins to sweat in his seat while watching them perform "Bootylicious," by Destiny's Child. Rachel explains that it's all "hairography," aka all smoke and mirrors. They're just whipping around their hair to distract from their mediocre vocals and choreography. Still stressed, Will takes a tip from the academy and assigns the title song from Hair.

Quinn admits to Puck that she's not sure if she's going to keep the baby or not. Truthfully, she's happy to have the support from Puck. She's been feeling the pressure, especially from Terri, who's freaking out about everything regarding the baby. Quinn ponders whether her real hesitation of keeping the baby is that she doesn't want to have it with Finn. She needs to distract him, so she can take Puck on a test drive. Asking Kurt if he'll give Rachel a makeover, the former cheerio is hoping Rachel will be able to distract Finn for a while. Kurt is up to the challenge, though unaware of her motives.

At home, Will attempts to get physical with Terri, despite a chastity pillow resting in the middle of their bed. She says if he's looking for intimacy, he can ask how she's feeling about her pregnancy. Conceding, he says, "It'll all be worth it when she shows up." The guilt splashes across Terri's face. How can she keep this up? The weight of what she's been doing is finally settling in on her. She, too, needs to find something to distract her other half.

While making over Rachel, Kurt admits he's just mostly annoyed with her. "You're extremely talented Rachel. Watching you perform is amazing, but sometimes it's hard to appreciate what a good singer you are because all I'm thinking about is shoving a sock into your mouth," he admits. He wants to make her gorgeous enough to impress every boy in the school, but she just has her eyes set on Finn. Kurt suggests that Rachel dress more like a "ho" to grab his attention.

Finding the perfect distraction for Will, Terri gives him a car similar to one he had in high school so he can rebuild it. Unfortunately, their sweet moment is interrupted as Kendra and Quinn pop up behind them. Getting rid of Will quickly, Terri listens as Quinn drops quite a bomb: She wants to keep her baby. Terri tells her sister she's unable to keep this charade up, but she just doesn't have the heart to do it once she sees how happy he is working on the car. Kendra says they needn't worry. Once Quinn experiences the reality of life with children, she'll be begging them to take her child.

Attempting to catch Finn's attention, Rachel shows up at school looking, well, hotter than ever. She invites the football jock over to "practice" their Hair number. Finn attempts to ask Quinn's permission to hang out with Rachel, but she cuts him off, seizing her opportunity to spend some alone time with Puck. She invites him to join in on her babysitting duties.

Later, Brittany volunteers to show the glee club how to work their "hairography," which really involves moving like you've just been Tasered. "It's like cool epilepsy," she explains. While everyone takes a turn at letting their hair out, Will catches Sue spying on the club. He confronts her, saying she must stop trying to take them down. "You're going to get me an updated set list by 5 o'clock tomorrow," she threatens. "If there's anything on that list that involves demeaning, fruity hair tossing, I'm cutting it!" Since he won't give up the list, she says she's back as co-director.

Once Friday night comes around, Rachel takes Kurt's earlier advice about being the bad girl a little too literally. She comes out of her bathroom in full Olivia Newton-John gear from Grease, kicking off "You're the One That I Want." After Finn's voice cracks just a bit higher than John Travolta's once had, he cuts her off, saying, "You look like a sad clown hooker." He explains that he's more into her natural look, noting that he had just been asked by Kurt last week what kind of woman he's attracted to. Ah, now it all comes together. Kurt purposely made her look like a floozy because he still has feelings for the jock.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Puck are in major trouble while babysitting. While tied up, their hands embrace for a brief moment. Once free, Puck plays guitar while Quinn sings Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach," to distract the boys. When Kendra and Terri arrive, they are shocked to find the boys washed and put to bed. Looks like their plan didn't quite work. However, Quinn's plan to "test-drive" Puck as a father certainly worked. That just doesn't work for Santana, who threatens Quinn to stay away from her man. "Oh, wake up. While you two were babysitting, Puck and I were sexting," she says.

Rachel confronts Kurt about setting her up. When he retorts, she realizes he likes him. "Here's the dope, princess. There's no hope for either of us. He loves Quinn, they're having a baby together. We're nothing but distractions. The sooner we realize that the better," he says.

Performing a mashup for their other competition, New Directions tries their hand at "hairography." Though they can't hear the music, the deaf members of the rival glee club can clearly see they're crazy. Once the tables are turned, the McKinley High glee club's hearts are warmed watching "Imagine," and decide to join in. Oh shoot, here it comes. Sniff. Excuse me while I grab a tissue.

Quinn later snatches Puck's cell phone to get proof of the alleged sexting. He contends that she hasn't given it up to him since he knocked her up, so he's just looking for a little leeway. He will be there to raise the child, but he still wants to be able to sext the hottest girls in school. "I'm going to be a good dad, but I'm not going to stop being me to do it," he tells her. Seeing that her daughter will never have a good father, Quinn ultimately decides to give Terri her child. Will enters, but doesn't hear the important parts of that exchange. As Quinn exits, the only way she can express her thankfulness is by giving Mr. Schu a hug. Sniff. Will asks Terri to accompany him to the garage, where he reveals that he's traded his clunker for an equally cruddy minivan. He wants to be able to provide for his family.

Needing to fill that soon-to-be-empty place in her heart, Quinn asks Finn if they could be in love again, but he admits that he went over to Rachel's house on Friday, though nothing happened. They exchange I-love-yous to Rachel and Kurt's chagrin, though there seems to be a thawing out, at least, between the lovelorn members of glee.

In the end, Will gives Sue their final set list for sectionals. She applauds his choices, including the newest one, where they'll just be sitting on stools to sing. Sadly, Sue does end up leaking their set list, suggesting that the other schools split up two of the songs, which they will perform first, making it seem as though New Directions has cheated. "Never let anything distract you from winning, ever," Sue says, bringing the distraction theme to a close.

In the final moments of the episode, Tina steps into the spotlight, singing "True Colors," by Cyndi Lauper. Will this final song on their set list be enough at sectionals or will Sue's master plan come to fruition?

With only two episodes left before the end of the year, what questions do you want answered before the show takes a long break? Sound off in the comments.

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