'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The risotto always cooks thrice - Season 7, Episode 2

The second episode of Hell's Kitchen saw the emergence of what might be this season's main conflict. On one side: Autumn, who only wants to help her teammates. On the other side: her teammates, begging her to please take her help elsewhere. Unfortunately for them, Chef Ramsay likes Autumn. If you ask me, he can sense a superstar. I'm not sure I would eat at a restaurant managed by Autumn, but I would definitely watch a reality TV show about a restaurant managed by Autumn. I can't say that about any of the other contestants so far. Scratch that: I'd love to eat at Blue Jay's Way, but only if all the food they serve is colored blue.

The ladies started the episode with recrimination after a tough elimination. The dudes were over in their lounge, duding it up. Everybody just wanted some sleep, but Mad Doctor Ramsay never sleeps. His minions served the contestants an early morning snack of Giant Alarm Clock, and they processed down to the kitchen for the day's first challenge.

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