Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 3 - Run, Piper, Run

Piper is preparing to head out to try something new – an interview with a corporate headhunter. Elsewhere an inspector confronts Maya, a wanted murderer. She takes him out and flees.

An explosion rocks the manor as one of Billie’s training exercises goes amiss. Paige lectures her on personal gain and all but she’s eager to get to demon hunting. Paige commiserates with Phoebe at the paper but the latter is busy getting together with Dex. He invites her to an art show of his work and she gets a vision of an earthquake with Dex in it. Meanwhile Piper is interviewing as Piper’s “cousin” and gets hired, and takes a picture of her for a background check. After she leaves the employer e-mails it to a security firm which turns up a picture match…with a criminal, Maya Holmes. Meanwhile Leo is busy juggling the kids as they take care of all their kids together, including Eve, who starts flirting with him.

The Halliwells meet for lunch while the police close in on Maya. They’re interrupted when the police take her into custody. At jail, Paige and Phoebe try to console Piper without much success. They try to figure out how she might have settled on Maya’s appearance and she decides to stay in jail despite the fact they might be able to orb her out. In a cell, Piper ends up with a violent prisoner, Joan. At home Eve is still hitting on Leo when Paige breaks in to bring Leo up to speed, then finds the picture of Maya in a magazine. Paige prepares a potion and Billie wants to help, and they complete the scrying.

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