'Justified' season finale review: Did 'Bulletville' hit all its targets? Episode 13

Justified finished out its first season in a way that tied up loose ends, gave us at least one action sequence that could be taught in film schools, and set up a few story lines for next season that should leave anyone who developed a hankering for this show yearning for more, now.

The episode, entitled Bulletville (any chance that was a little homage to Poisonville in Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest?), found the Crowder family at odds with each other. Having blown up the supply of meth ingredients Bo had bought from his Florida kingpin, Boyd knew he was about to face earthly retribution: I am ready to reap the whirlwind, he told Ava when he appeared at her house to apologize to her for the trouble she'd been caused by the Crowder clan.

But the punishment meted out by the Crowder paterfamilias was beyond even the son's imagining. The killing of Boyd's forest-camp flock, and the beating of Boyd himself, was brutal stuff, and enough to shake Boyd's faith: Maybe I've just been talking to myself. (The doom-struck character of Boyd sometimes reminds me the young Jerry Lee Lewis, a God-believer whose cousin is Jimmy Swaggart. The rock & roller can quote the Bible chapter and verse, and said long ago that in choosing his line of work, All right, I'll go to hell.)

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