Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 4 - Desperate Housewitches

Leo is up in the attic teaching Billie the history of magic without much success - she’d rather be practicing her fighting technique. Billie accidentally taps into using her telekinesis to redirect her nunchaku, bringing the class to a sudden close.

Piper and Paige are having a morning get-together as Paige heads out for a morning date set up on the Internet, and discuss Wyatt’s upcoming school play - Cinderella. Piper is unhappy with her new life and they discuss Phoebe’s concern about Dex. Phoebe interrupts to announce her most recent scrying reveals her vision is correct. When Phoebe is getting Wyatt ready at school, another mother, Mandi, is in charge and comes over and gives her some advice, then mentions a pumpkin costume Piper had forgotten. Afterward Mandi destroys the costume using magical powers and it’s clear she’s a demon.

Paige meets with her new date and covers for her fake background - she’s quickly bored by the guy’s thrilling office life, then notices Dex meet with another woman and share an embrace. She goes to visit Phoebe at the office and hints at how much Phoebe knows about Dex’s background, and Phoebe doesn’t want to hear anything.

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