Rosamund Pike Up For Emma Frost?

Along with today's Michael Fassbender to play Magneto story, file this one firmly in the box marked "rumour, possibly tinged with wishful thinking", but we still thought we'd share the word that Rosamund Pike may play Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. Maybe.

Pike, most recently seen playing a dittz to great effect in An Education, certainly looks the part of the mind-reading mutant, who's a stunning icy blonde (although, y'know, more pneumatic in the chest area than any normal actress). And she could play the role in her sleep: dry wit, edge of snootiness and considerable complexity underneath. Frost, in the comics, can't quite make up her mind whether to be a baddie or not, swinging between X-Men enemies the Hellfire Club and the main X-team itself (these days, she's mostly on the side of the angels. And indeed Angel).

If she does appear in First Class, you can pretty much count on Frost being ambiguous in her loyalties (at least) and possibly having a love triangle with Scott "Cyclops" Summers and Jean "no superhero name, which sucks for her" Grey. She's a little older than student age, however, so we wouldn't necessarily expect to see her in the classroom.

Again, this is all speculation - but isn't it fun to cast off the shackles of fact and dance through the meadows of rumour once in a while?

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