Terriers: "Pilot" Review

Advance Review: It's a shame that, for the most part, TV pilots usually represent the very least a series can offer; no matter the series. Sure, there have been occasional exceptions over the years, but most pilots, by nature, are weighed down with rushed introductions, bloated exposition and a general feeling of "once we get past this beginning part we can get into the good stuff." I've infused myself with low-expectations. But then a show like FX's Terriers comes along and presents a standard, time-honored TV genre in a gritty and fresh manner and the televisual world is made whole again.

From The Shield's creator, Shawn Ryan, and Ocean's Eleven writer Ted Griffin, comes a series that, by all accounts, seems like it should play out as a standard "blue sky" buddy crime-buster series. But Terriers brings so much more to the table. It's saddled with maturity, wit and a scruffy heart that helps make its disheveled characters pop right off the screen. Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James' odd-job, non-licensed Ocean Beach private dicks feel both tangible and poetic. They feel both archarchetypal and amazingly atypical.

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