Opposites Don't Always Attract on 'Work of Art'

Cue the dramatic music, this week is another team challenge! The artists will work in teams of two to create pieces about contrasting themes. Jaclyn picks "Male/Female" and Mark says what we're all thinking, "[it's] perfect for Jackie, I'm assuming she's gonna do something in some form of being undressed." Seriously, this is Work of Art, not Piece of Work. Know-what-I'm-sayin?

Contrast, but Collaborate!

Miles is paired up with Jaclyn, despite his hope to be paired with Nicole. Abdi and Nicole will be working with "Order/Chaos," and Mark and Peregrine will work with "Heaven/Hell." The pieces will work together, but each team member gets a word. This is a great challenge, but I'm worried for Abdi, who seems to be drowning a little bit.

I'm curious to see how Jaclyn and Miles will work (or not work) together. I admire Peregrine's push to not go too literal as Mark suggests. Mark has a scar from when his stomach exploded?! WHAT! Miles successfully and douche-illy figured out a way to get Jaclyn naked for another piece. And Peregrine figured out a way to get Mark's shirt off HEY-OHHH.

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