'Work of Art' Recap: One artist gets naked (again), one judge cries (a first!) Episode 8

The challenge for this week' Work of Art: The Next Great Artist was to create pieces with opposing themes, with the artists paired in teams. Abdi and Nicole's theme was order and chaos; Peregrine and Mark's was heaven and hell; Miles and Jaclyn's was male and female.

One thing that's making Work of Art better TV with each succeeding week is that the usual reality-TV rhythms rarely occur, and unexpected emotions arise. For instance: At the start of the hour, it sounded as though Miles was trying to manipulate Jaclyn into failing. Choosing his words carefully, he said to the camera that he hoped to persuade the frequent exhibitionist to come up with something pretty [long pause] saucy. A bit later, Miles was pondering how I could get Jackie to add nudity to her piece, and after she'd decided that doing a portrait of herself masturbating would illustrate a woman gaining control, Miles was gleefully congratulating himself as being underhandedly genius. The impression we got was that Miles assumed the judges would be tired of Jaclyn's repeated use of her own naked form. But things changed later.

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